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The Program

Kid Kountry Child Development Center believes in respect of the child and the family. We want to create in each child the ability and willingness to learn. Every child has unique gifts and talents and it is our goal to support that uniqueness in a safe, clean and educationally prepared environment. By creating a safe and appropriate environment we will be able to guide children in the various stages of their early development. This safe environment gives children the time they need to explore and practice with their minds and bodies. It also allows them to exercise curiosity and imagination as well as to learn socially appropriate boundaries. Our secure environment allows them to manipulate materials and develop social relationships. In sum, we enable children to develop at their own pace and become confident preschoolers. We promote numerous diverse experiences to build confidence and respect. These two attributes are the foundation for the child's future. At Kid Kountry, we believe we have created a program of growth and learning that respects children and their families. The positive experiences and opportunities presented to each child will teach them that they belong to a varied world of similarities and differences.
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Kid Kountry Child Development Center

At Kid Kountry we put children and their families first by being respectful and teaching respect. As child developmental professionals, we lead the way with a positive vision for the future of young children. Communication skills are essential in today's society and we teach these skills. We provide a language rich environment with opportunities to explore the world around them at their level. We strive to make every aspect of our program a learning experience. Our belief is that every child is unique.


We believe that preschool-age children learn largely through play. Daily our preschoolers experience hands-on activities, are encouraged to develop self-help skills, make decisions and choices, solve problems, ask questions, explore and be creative. The positive Kid Kountry experience gives children the opportunity to build self-esteem. Our activities stimulate your child's intellectual and physical development and foster social and emotional growth. We encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment. Preschoolers are exposed to sound health, safety and nutritional practices. They develop an awareness of the community through involvement.
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Program Description

Our program is designed to socially and academically prepare children for Kindergarten, while providing a safe, fun loving environment for children. We believe that a child's family is his primary teacher, and the ideal initial school experience is one in which the child, his/her family and the teacher all work together to assure a quality experience for the child. Each member of Kid Kountry is an important part of the whole. Parents are encouraged to assist in all aspects of their child's education. Our preschool is for children ages 2 through 6 years (at time of registration).

Preschool Classes

Every child grows and develops at a different rate. To accommodate this, Kid Kountry has three separate preschool classes: The Busy Bees ages 2-3 (not yet potty trained), The Owls ages 3-4 and the Pre K Penguins class. Each class will stimulate your child's intellectual, social and emotional development. Kid Kountry plans for each class by having an even balance between flexible and spontaneous curriculum and teacher directed lessons. Children are active explorers, eager to try new things and use materials in different ways. Children's language will continue to grow in a curriculum of field trips, science activities, music appreciation, art, culinary experiences, free play, fine and gross motor activities.
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Summer Camp and After School Program

Our summer and after-school program is designed for children 5 and up. It is our goal to teach children in this age group personal responsibility as well as important skills to that will allow them to function in today's society. Kid Kountry's teacher's make sure that every child has opportunities to participate and make contributions. The school age program is small, it allows the teacher to know each child well and plan experiences that will interest the group. The curriculum is organized so that the children will acquire a deeper understanding of each subject. The curriculum includes a wide variety of activities and the teachers use creative and fun ways of organizing each week's theme. Such activities may include:
Fishing Roller skating
Bowling Archery
Sports Week/Water Week Tours of many surrounding/Historical sites
Play at numerous parks Swimming
Bike riding Tours of museums, Theaters, & restaurants
Zoo MT and much, much, much more!
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